March 20, 2022

North Wales Early Music Festival

Welcome to the first North Wales Early Music Festival. This year, we start online with four concerts and three workshops given by performers from three of the groups.
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    MARCH 20, 2022

    Early Music Festival

    4 Online Concerts

    Immediate access to programme

    3 Online Workshops

    Immediate access to material

Online Workshop: £10.00

The York Waits Workshop
2022-Mar-20 12:00

"As I went to Walsingham" with Lizzie Gutteridge The York Waits - Consort of 1

Lizzie Gutteridge, working as a Consort of 1, uses live-looping equipment to explore historical music, building up the layers in ways that allow audiences the chance to gain a new perspective on how things fit together. In this session she will use this technique to guide you through some of the 16th century music performed by The York Waits in their online concert, including the ballad "As I went to Walsingham", as well as consort pieces, foot-tapping folk tunes, and the psalm Never Weatherbeaten Sail.


Participants will be on mute so feel free to play any instrument ancient or modern, sing or just listen to your heart's content! Scores can be provided in advance in a range of clefs, with transposed music available on request.